Our Services

CASSCO Laboratories provides state-of-the-art in the following areas

To function properly any industry whether its Oil & Gas, agriculture, chemical or cement needs calibrated and metered instruments. Inaccurate instrumentation may result in human and financial losses. Casco Laboratories can help you with calibration and metering services as per international standards. 

Our specialists are available locally and internationally to assist you in these procedures. Our tank calibration services will help you prevent financial losses due to non-working equipment.

Our services include:

    ✔ Laboratory Instruments Calibration
    ✔ Flow meters
    ✔ Weighing Scale
    ✔ Calibration of all types of tanks: such as horizontal, vertical, fixed roof, floating roof, etc.
    ✔ Calibration of static storage tanks, carriers, ships, barges.
    ✔ Custody Transfer System (CTS)
    ✔ Loss Control Investigations
    ✔ Other Industrial Equipment

Keeping Public Health Protection as priority. Cassco Laboratories has the analytical solution for the food industry’s growing needs. We provide food safety assessment. Keep your food products fit to eat. Our approach is internationally recognized that meets national and international food safety regulations.

Our comprehensive food analysis services include microbials, allergens, sensory data, pathogens, GMOs and radioactive testing. We also test for mycotoxins and can provide help with functionals like shelf life. Our food testing practices ensure the health and safety of consumers—and can help increase the credibility of your products.

We use the following standards for our analysis and evaluation:

    ✔ Association of Analytical Chemists (AOAC)
    ✔ European Committee for Standardization (CEN)
    ✔ International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
    ✔ Association of Official Seed Analysts (AOSA)
    ✔ International Seed Testing Association (ISTA)
    ✔ Association of Fertilizer & Phosphate Chemists (AFPC)
    ✔ The Fertilizer Institute (TFI)
    ✔ International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA)

Oil and gas companies are vital to the world economy and provide raw materials to the chemical industry. We supply a range of products from crude oil, fuel oil (bunker fuel), aviation fuel, gas oil, gasoline and other petrochemicals.

Cassco Lab is your partner in sustaining the environment by providing a full range of environmental analytical & testing services. Our Environmental Monitoring & Evaluation division is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments & analyzers of internationally reputed companies for field services.

CL-EME provides the following services:

    ✔ Ambient and Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
    ✔ Vehicles & Machineries Emission Monitoring
    ✔ Stacks Emission & Monitoring
    ✔ Water Quality Testing (raw, potable, waste and surface water)
    ✔ Soil/Sludge Quality Testing
    ✔ Noise Pollution Measurement
    ✔ Torsion Test

Besides the regulatory compliance, we deliver customized services and solution to industries for environmental improvement and International standards/practices requirement:

    ✔ Industrial Hygienic Reporting
    ✔ Water and Energy Audit

We also offer expertise for EIA, ESA, and Environmental Audits & Risk Assessments. Analytical methods are based on internationally-recognized procedures such as, United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), American Public Health Association (APHA), as well as local standards by regulatory authorities.

Cassco Lab team members are experts in diversified sampling requirements of environmental, agricultural, and OGC sectors. Sampling is done in accordance with international standards minimizing risk.

Your sampling requests are entertained by globally accredited expertise under high-tech lab to provide with precise analysis. The testing results will require:

    ✔ Reduce the non-conformities and troubleshoot product issues
    ✔ Validate the product quality and take necessary steps if required

Cassco Lab offers every aspect of laboratory planning, design, procurement, and operation. We can provide a variety of services for ongoing lab operations or one-time projects. Our experts ensures that you receive the finest team to fulfill your project professionally and competently.


Our services  also cater to laboratories striving to improve their operations and staff by assisting in writing standard operating procedures, calibrating and troubleshooting instruments, and training qualified staff. 

Consumable & Equipment Supply

As your dedicated partner Cassco Lab goes hand in hand with you anywhere anytime. We take the responsibility to take care of your required equipment, PPEs and consumable such as reagents, chemicals, glassware etc. so that you can focus completely on your core business. We offer economical and capable package to cater your laboratory needs.

Cassco Lab being a responsible partner offers to take care of the headache of consumables and equipment supply for your business. Helping you to concentrate on core of your business. We offer equipment supply, PPEs and consumables such as reagents, chemcials, glassware and etc.according to your need and economical packages to cater your laboratory needs.

We provide Environment & Management consultancy in the scope such as:

    ✔ Initial Environmental Examination (IEE)
    ✔ Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
    ✔ Environmental Monitoring & Control Plan (EMP)
    ✔ Test & Analysis services for compliance to Environmental Laws
    ✔ Environmental Audits and Gap Analysis
    ✔ Services for, Clean Developed Mechanism (GHG & Carbon Foot Print)
    ✔ Catastrophe Modeling & Disaster Risk Management
    ✔ Emergency, Preparedness & Response Planning
    ✔ Risk Assessments (PRA, QRA, FMEA), Security and Vulnerability
    ✔ Identification of Process Hazards, Root Cause Analysis and Incident Investigation
    ✔ Trainings to motivate the workers towards the Safety Culture
    ✔ Implemenation of Information Security Management
    ✔ Apparel Industry Standards compliance

The management consultancy services for internationally recognized standards viz.

    ✔ Quality Management System, ISO 9001
    ✔ Environmental Management System, ISO 14001
    ✔ Occupational, Health & Safety Management System, OHSAS 18001
    ✔ Food Safety Standards HACCP, BRC, FSMS ISO-22000, HALAL FOOD Certification
    ✔ QS-9000, Automotive sector
    ✔ WRAP, SA8000, CT-PAT, SEDEX and BSCI

Beside the regulatory compliance, we also deliver customized services and solution to industries for environmental improvement.